Neozoon suction cup lamp attaches almost anywhere, remaining for weeks

Mount the Neozoon suction cup lamp almost anywhere in secondsand itll stay there for weeks! With its suction cup mount, this lamp is attachable almost anywhere, and it requires no drills or glue. It attaches to almost any surface, will stay there for weeks, and can be removed without leaving any residue. With an innovative, versatile design, this gadget boldly rethinks contemporary lighting. Giving you unlimited freedom, this lamp lets you create bright moments wherever you go. With a fun design, this light turns your home into a more engaging, interactive, and fun place to live. Made with a premium design, the Neozoon combines a timeless, minimalistic aesthetic with materials such as aerospace-grade aluminum. Great for adventures and everyday life, it has a battery life of at least six hours. Finally, its smoothly dimmable operation makes it great for a multitude of uses.

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