GentleTent USA GT Pickup inflatable truck tent transforms your vehicle for camping

Love to travel but struggle to accommodate a bed on the road? Then you need the GentleTent USA GT Pickup inflatable truck tent. This tent transforms your vehicle by adding enough space on top for a full-size mattress and a 5-foot long living space. It even offers a 7-foot interior standing height, so you can walk around inside with shelter. Additionally, this inflatable truck tent uses high-quality breathable materials to provide a comfortable indoor climate. It also comes with numerous mosquito windows and ventilation openings. The GentleTent USA GT Pickup is compatible with bed lengths up to 63 inches. And its ideal for Rangers, Colorados, Frontiers, and Tacomas. Once unfolded, it stands just 7 inches tall and weighs only 62 pounds, making it great for storing and transporting to your destination.

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