FOREO BEAR facial fitness devices use microcurrent & T-Sonic pulsations for tighter skin

Did you know a total of 69 muscles in the face and neck lose their firmness through aging? Its time to work out these areas with the FOREO BEAR facial fitness devices. Available in two modelsBEAR and BEAR minithese facial fitness devices use electrifying microcurrent technology for tighter, brighter skin for an energizing facial. Both models also use the brands T-Sonic pulsations to increase circulation, eliminate toxins, and ease facial tension. This action helps to create softer, glowing skin that looks younger. Additionally, FOREO BEAR is safe to use. Thats why it uses the brands Anti-Shock System and sensors that measure your skins resistance to electricity. Therefore, the devices can adjust the intensity for maximum comfort and safety. Finally, the app provides guided facial fitness routines to maximize your results

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