Apple Spring Loaded Event 2021iPad Pro, iMac, AirTag, and more

The Apple Spring Loaded Event 2021 has landed with a plethora of much-awaited releases from Apple. These include a brand new iPhone 12 color, Apple’s own smart device trackerAirTag, the new vibrant iMac with M1 chip, and a revolutionary iPad Pro series with Liquid Retina Display XDR.

Apple promises to make a difference in peoples lives with its new products. Explore their new products announced at the Apple Spring Loaded Event 2021 below, including an entirely new range of iMacs with vibrant colors. Or the new iPad Pro that features Apples M1 chip and a brand new Liquid Retina Display XDR. Not only are their latest gadgets revolutionary, but this tech giant has made a huge effort to be more carbon-neutral with environmentally friendly materials and more.

Tim Cooks welcoming the audience for the special Spring Loaded Event

Apple Card Family

The Apple Card Family lets people over aged 13 share their Apple Card, track purchases, and build together with their Family Sharing group. Available from May, Apple Card Family lets two people to co-own an Apple Card and merge their credit lines. All the while building credit together equally. It also allows parents to share Apple Card with their children while using spending limits and controls. This launch has one purpose: to teach smart financial habits.

Apple Spring Loaded Event 2021iPad Pro, iMac, Airtag, and more
Apple Card Family dashboard

AirTag with Find My app compatibility

AirTag is easy to use by itself and lets you personalize it with an emoji. You can keep track of your AirTag in the Find My app. All the while, youll all it keeps your location data private and anonymous with end-to-end encryption. It sports an IP67 water- and dust-resistance rating and elegant design that you can attach to a variety of accessories.

Apple has partnered with Hermes for a special Hermes collection for Airtag which includes a luggage tag, bag tag, and a keychain. It costs $29 and is available in a four-pack for $99 from April 30.

Apple Spring Loaded Event 2021iPad Pro, iMac, Airtag, and more
AirTag with the Hermes Collection Luggage Tag, Bag Tag, and Keychain

Apple TV 4K and updated Siri remote

The new Apple TV 4K supports Dolby Vision for realistic colors and lifelike images. Through color balance technology, Apple TV works with an iPhone and its advanced sensors to improve your TVs picture quality automatically. The new Apple TV 4K uses the light sensor in an iPhone to compare the color balance used by industry-standard specifications. With this data, the TV automatically enhances the video output for more accurate colors and contrasts. Most importantly, you wont have to make any of these adjustments yourself.

Apple Spring Loaded Event 2021iPad Pro, iMac, Airtag, and more
Apple TV 4K Color Balanced feature
Apple Spring Loaded Event 2021iPad Pro, iMac, Airtag, and more
Apple TV 4K in a living room setup

All-new Siri Remote

The Apple Spring Loaded Event also includes a new Siri Remote. It also includes an upgraded touchpad as well as a universal design to control your TVs power and other settings with only one remote. And its also made with aluminum for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. This new remote is available separately for $59.

Apple Spring Loaded Event 2021iPad Pro, iMac, Airtag, and more
Apples all-new Siri Remote

iPhone 12updated purple color

The Apple iPhone 12 & 12 mini 5G smartphones are now available in a gorgeous purple color from $699.

Apple Spring Loaded Event 2021iPad Pro, iMac, Airtag, and more
The New iPhone 12 in purple color for spring

The new iMac 2021 with M1 chip and seven vibrant colors

The new iMac is bursting with color from the front and the back. Its slim design is stunning and boasts a spectrum of vibrant colors, so you can choose one that suits your style. From the front, its clean and simple. From the back, its unique and bold. The softer colors ground the iMac in your environment, so you can focus on your work. All the while, the bold colors on the back help to bring a sense of joy to any space. Because isnt the first thing you notice about an iMac the back panel?

Meanwhile, the new iMacs system keeps cool and quiet to result in a lower volume of 10 db to not disturb you or others while youre working. It boasts 11.3 million pixels, so you can clearly see your content in glorious detail. It also comes with True Tone to automatically adjust the lighting based on your environment.

Additionally, the updated 1080p FaceTime HD camera is paired with M1 to further enhance the image quality for conversational video. Your videos will be clearer than ever with noise reduction technology, without requiring any manual adjustments. To complement the high-quality video, the new iMac is equipped with Apples best ever microphone system to deliver accurate sound. And itll offer fewer interruptions while youre videoconferencing.

You can browse the internet faster and game quicker. In fact, Apple boasts that you can game and FaceTime simultaneously to open a whole new world to productivity. In fact, it runs over 50% faster than previous iMacs, helping you to get more done in little time.

It comes with 4 USB-C ports and support for up to a 6K display. two-meter cable with a small adapter that can be placed next to your desk or on the floor. Starting at $1,299 from April 30.

Apple Spring Loaded Event 2021iPad Pro, iMac, Airtag, and more
The New iMac in Yellow

New iPad Pro with Liquid Retina Display XDR

Compared to the first-generation iPad, it delivers up to 75% more CPU performance. The new iPad Pro with M1 chip lets artists be more, well, artistic. It delivers up to 40% faster graphic performance. You can even play the faster games with the M1 chip as it delivers super-fast refresh rates.

This gadget is more capable than ever. With up to two times faster storage, you can access your data quickly and efficiently. With 6K resolution, youll experience vivid and realistic colors. Ultra-fast, wireless connections are critical, which is why the new iPad Pro comes with 5G. So you can back-up data and more while youre on the go.

Apple Spring Loaded Event 2021iPad Pro, iMac, Airtag, and more
iPad Pro 12.9 Inch with Liquid Retina HDR Display

Youll also receive Pro cameras with built-in studio-quality microphones, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and Center Stagea new feature that keeps users perfectly framed for engaging video calls.

Bring your imagination to lifewhether for business or personal useto create architectural designs in real-time that are realistic and accurate. With over 4 million pixels and Pro Display, Liquid Retina XDR (available on the 12.9-inch model), and 1600 nits brightness. The iPad Pro is available in two sizes11-inch and 12.9-inchfrom $799.

Apple Spring Loaded Event 2021iPad Pro, iMac, Airtag, and more
iPad Pro 2021 with M1 Chip

Updated Apple Pencil and Magic keyboard with Touch ID

Apples latest Pencil comes with more language options and allows you to scribble your notes and text in more areas than before. So you can draw outside of the lines if you want to. Furthermore, the new Apple keyboard improves your safety and security, so only you can access the keyboard.

Apple Spring Loaded Event 2021iPad Pro, iMac, Airtag, and more
Apple Magic Keyboard 2021 with Touch ID

What are your thoughts on the new products announced at the Apple Spring Loaded event? Let us know your favorites in the comments.

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