Elevate Your 4/20 Celebration With These High-End Weed Gadgets

The gadgets you use to get ripped dont have to look like the same pieces you used in college. Reader, weed tech is growing up.

When Gizmodo started calling in products for our recent 4/20 buyers guidemany of which are mentioned herewe looked at not only the functionality of the device itself, but how it worked within your space and for specific needs. Not every occasion calls for a monstrously expensive gravity bong, just as a vape pen isnt always going to be everyones favorite go-to for getting high.

Instead, we looked at what these devices individually bring to the table as far as innovation, user experience, and design. A hand pipe from Session, for example, works just as well for on-the-go as it does as a glass fixture sitting on a countertop in your home. Its silicone sleeve allows it to be thrown easily into a bag without needing to worry about it breaking or getting ash all over your stuff.

Picking favorites among the many, many accessories that we tested was made easier once we were able to categorize by product type. A Pax Era Life, for example, may not be the product of choice for someone who prefers flower in either a water pipe or a smaller, more compact bubbler. But a casual or infrequent weed enthusiast may have more luck with an easy-to-manage vape pen than they would with, say, an Heir or Stndenglass, which are both quite expensive and require upkeep.

Ultimately, we wanted to present our favorite gadgets in each category for 4/20 blazing it. This list was by no means exhaustive, but we did want to highlight a number of options for devices thatll get you ripped regardless of how you prefer to indulge. Our favorites among the products we tried included the Heir Water Pipe ($260), the Pax Era Life ($35), the Session Pipe ($40), and the Stndenglass Gravity Hookah ($600).

Be warned, though. That last one will most definitely get you wrecked. But hey, if a premium gravity bong is the vibe, the Stndenglass is definitely the device for you.

These were our favorite devices, but we want to know how youre blazing today (or every day), so give us your recs in the comments below.

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