SmartPad 3-in-1 4K smart display lets you use your TV, monitor, & tablet simultaneously

Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite shows while scrolling the web on one device? Now you can with the SmartPad 3-in-1 4K smart display. This gadget lets you connect multiple devices at the same time on one screen. So you can use your monitor, smart TV, smartphone, gaming device, and tablet simultaneously. You can even split the screen to feature two displays, allowing you to handle more than one task at the same time. Additionally, the SmartPad boasts a thin, portable, and lightweight design, making it easy to carry with you anywheresuch as to work or school. And, with an ultrawide 14.1 screen, it produces bright colors and vivid images to bring visuals to life before your eyes. Finally, this 3-in-1 4K smart displays 10-point touchscreen provides great pressure sensitivity and allows for multitouch to easily navigate around tabs.

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