Apixt men’s underwear incorporates silver for odor, sweat, and temperature control

Improve your everyday experience with the Apixt mens underwear. This technologically advanced underwear uses silver ion technology to control odor, temperature, and sweat. Made of eco-friendly fabric, its super comfortable and flexiblethanks in part to its 3D anatomical pouch for extra room. Wicking away moisture, this mens underwear keeps you comfortable and cool all day long. Plus, it promotes cleanliness, so you can feel great the whole time you wear them. Designed to fit you just right, the Apixt underwear feels like a second skin whether you choose the boxers, trunks, or briefs. Whether youre headed to the office for a meeting or to the tennis court for a lively set, they keep you protected and fresh. Stay cool and dry in this flexible underwear.

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