Lekker Bikes Amsterdam+ minimal eBike has a single gear and 250W motor

Ride easily and in style with the Lekker Bikes Amsterdam+ minimal eBike. This beautiful electric bicycle has just a single gear to keep things minimalist. But the brand chose a specific gear ratio to ensure you maintain momentum. Moreover, the bikes 250W Bafang rear motor gives you the power you need. So you dont have to waste time switching gears. With an LED display, this minimal eBike lets you easily choose how much help you need whether youre on flat or hilly terrain. Additionally, youll find the battery easy to remove, and you can choose between a Samsung 418 Wh or 500 Wh capacity, which can take you 100 km and 140 km, respectively, on a single charge. Finally, the Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive system uses stretch-free carbon tensile cords for durability, flexibility, and weather resistance.

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