Who knew Tim Apple was a professional thief?

Tim Cook, the mild-mannered Apple CEO, probably didnt have to lift more than a finger to launch a new line of iPad Pros with the companys Arm-based M1 chip.

Tim Apple, on the other hand? Hes the kind of daring superspy who can pull off a high-security heist, slicing through plate glass, rappelling down buildings, and dodging lasers, all with a trusty grappling hook at his side.

Also, hes apparently able to unsocket a soldered-down chip, perhaps the most impressive trick of all except perhaps for the one where he gave Donald Trump a new factory and the first Mac Pro off its assembly line. Not bad for a 60-year-old, even one whos in charge of the most profitable company in the world.

I sure hope hes ready for the memes! Heres one single GIF with everything you need.

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