Twelve South HoverBar Duo adjustable iPad stand lets you view your screen hands-free

If you use your iPad to watch videos, follow recipes, make conference calls, and more, youve likely propped it up against books or held it with your hands to view the screen. Now you dont have to with the Twelve South HoverBar Duo adjustable iPad stand. Its height-adjustable and features multiple positions to hold your iPad for you. And the Twelve South HoverBar Duo gives you so many options to use your iPad as a sturdy second or primary screen. Furthermore, it rotates 360, and you can position your device vertically or horizontally. This allows you to conveniently switch between reading recipes and intimate FaceTime chats. You can even clamp the device onto kitchen cupboards or your work desk, further improving how you view your screen. Make your life a little easier with this useful gadget.

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