Apple updates emoji with bloodless syringe and interracial couples

Some complained about the previous emoji, which had two drops of blood dripping from its point. The new version simply shows a sleek syringe, sans blood.

Users can see the emoji when they update to the new iPhone operating system, iOS 14.5.

The new syringe emoji is FINALLY coming to iOS next week, one user tweeted. Now we can all look a little less unhinged when were celebrating our vax status.

The emoji update, with designs organized by the Unicode Consortium, also includes emoji of interracial couples. Previously, many emoji with two or more people on iOS could only be yellow, but the update allows for a choice of varying skin tones on couple emoji with hearts.

Theres been a push for several years to make emoji more diverse and inclusive, something that has happened slowly over time. In 2019, Apple and Google revealed new emoji designs, including versions of people holding hands with combinations of different genders and skin tones.

The update also includes other new emoji, including a heart on fire, and beards on both male and female characters.

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