PopSockets’ Upgraded PopGrip Slide Stretch Fits Most Phone Cases, Even iPhone 12


PopSockets just introduced its newly redesigned PopGrip Slide Stretch phone accessory. Now it will be even easier for you to position the PopGrip exactly where you want it to be, and it offers you more uses and case compatibility.

The PopGrip Slide Stretch is compatible with all PopMounts and PopTops, and is adhesive free so you won’t have to worry about it gunking up your phone. It can also fit a wider variety of cases, regardless of whether the case has a straight or curved edge. It’s even compatible with the new iPhone 12 models, as you can slide it down to access MagSafe charging.

You can also move the PopGrip Slide Stretch whenever you need to take a selfie in portrait mode. And, of course, it also works as a stand. Slide it up to keep your phone upright in landscape mode. You can also leave it on during charging if you use the PopPower wireless charger.

The PopSockets PopGrip Slide Stretch comes in a variety of colors and textures, including Black, Clear, White, and Deep Periwinkle and will run you $15 a pop. It’s now available at Target or on the PopSockets website, which has two exclusive models—Carbonite Weave and Knurled Texture—as well.

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