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In a little over five months, and despite everything thats going on right now, Sony has sold 7.8 million PlayStation 5 units. The news comes as part of the companys latest financial reports, which show that the company shifted 3.3 million consoles between January and March. At the same time, the company also shifted a further million PS4s, further bolstering the companys gaming domination.

The pandemic has shifted a lot of peoples habits, with gaming a key beneficiary of the crisis which saw large volumes of people staying at home. There are now 47.6 million PlayStation Plus subscribers, and the company reported around 109 million PlayStation Network users in the last three months. And while game sales were down compared to the holiday quarter, a greater volume of them were downloaded digitally.

In fact, the only thing that seems to be holding Sony back right now is its own ability to manufacture these consoles fast enough for people to buy them.

As for the company itself, Sony reported a significant lisp in both sales and net income compared to the same three months last year. The latter figure, in fact, jumped from 12.6 billion Yen to 107 billion, mostly due to the companys games division, as well as its financial services arm. Less credit goes to Sonys movie division, which suffered the same issues the rest of the industry has through 2020.

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