Satechi R1 Aluminum Stand elevates your smartphone, tablet, or laptop for a better view

Elevate your tablet, smartphone, or laptop for a better viewing experience with the Satechi R1 Aluminum Stand. This workspace accessory enables you to see notifications at a glance without having to pick up your device to check. Best of all, the R1 Aluminum Stand uses supportive rubber grips to hold your device firmly in place without scratching or slipping on your desk. Its even compatible with most cases. Additionally, it features a 270-degree mount hinge and 180-degree base to adjust your gadget to the perfect height and angle. As a result, itll minimize neck strain. Finally, this Satechi workspace gadget features a collapsible design that can fit it in your laptop bag to take with you anywhere. So you can use it at home, in the office, or at a coffee shop.

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