Cooksy intelligent cooking assistant clips to any stovetop, giving you pro cooking info

Clip the Cooksy intelligent cooking assistant to your stovetop and revolutionize your kitchen experience. Giving even the most beginner chef professional cooking knowledge, this gadget blends thermal imaging, AI, and video technology with its app to make cooking a breeze. Using thermal imaging, Cooksy measures thousands of temperatures across the entire pan surface many times per second. And it sends you notifications that let you know when you need to attend to the stove. Additionally, use the app to get step-by-step recipe guidance or even to record your own recipes. Say goodbye to burnt, dry, or undercooked food with this intelligent cooking assistant, which makes cooking delicious food easy. Great for both inexperienced cooks and experienced foodies, Cooksy helps you better understand temperatures to improve your cooking. Thanks to this gadget, you get just the right amount of heat for just the right amount of time.

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