Kickoftheday water-based art transfers create a unique pair of sneakers

Using patent-pending Inkoftheday technology, the Kickoftheday water-based art transfers let you customize your sneakers. In fact, you can get a new design for every day of the year. This lets you truly personalize your kicks with custom artwork. Not only is it super fun to add trendy new designs to your shoes, but its also an affordable way to spice up your style without buying new sneakers all the time. Compatible with leather and faux leather materials, these water-based art transfers use totally nontoxic ink. Furthermore, each print is not only UV resistant but also resistant to scratches and water. Simply apply the transfers with easeyou dont need any DIY skillsand youll get shoes with a matte-finish, handpainted look. From bananas to cherry blossoms and butterflies to guitars, theres a print for every style.

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