Nano Garden tiny smart planter lets you grow more than 50 types of plants

Grow to your hearts contentno matter your indoor light situationusing the Nano Garden tiny smart planter. Offering an easy way to grow greens indoors, this little garden works with more than 50 different types of plant pods. These all-inclusive pods include seeds, growth medium, and nutrients. And they range from sunflower to coriander and lavender to wild strawberries. So small that it fits pretty much anywhere, the Nano Garden has a minimalist design. And it comes in seven trendy colors to blend in with any decor. Its small but packed with technology to make gardening easy and fun. The full spectrum, app-enabled grow light guarantees fast growth at any time of the year. Simply select your plant, and the app will set the right light duration and intensity. Thanks to the patented hydroponic technology, theres no need to water this tiny smart planter for up to four weeks.

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