GORUCK Rucker 3.0 ergonomic rucksack features zero irritation when running shirtless

Use the GORUCK Rucker 3.0 ergonomic rucksack to intensify your workouts. Designed to be a gym on your back, this workout accessory wont irritate your skin when running shirtless. Featuring 210D HT CORDURA on the back panel and underside, the shoulder straps are less abrasive on your skin. Additionally, it features EVA foam padding on the bottom section to support the natural curve of your back. In fact, its raised shape protects you from friction when youre lifting the bag for overhead lunges. Constructed with a 3 mm thick, full-width frame sheet, Rucker 3.0 provides consistent support for vigorous exercise or everyday wear. Finally, the reflective safety stripe across the front of this ergonomic rucksack improves your visibility while youre running outdoors at night.

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