Discover your family tree with DNA tests on sale starting at $59, but deals are ending soon

Unlock your DNA and discover where you fall on your family tree with 23andMe’s Health and Ancestry kit.


My dad never knew much about his ancestry, so when I was 10 years old we went to North Carolina for summer vacation to visit the hall of records where his dad grew up. Unfortunately — true story — it had burned to the ground years earlier and we went home without learning a thing. Many years later, I took a DNA test and learned some truly eye-opening revelations about my real ancestry. Now’s your own chance with a pair of discounted DNA tests.

First up at bat: Right now, you can get the 23andMe Health and Ancestry Service for $149, which is $50 off the regular price.

I’ve taken this test myself and have had the chance to compare my results with’s DNA test. In my experience, they delivered similar data — they generally agreed on my genetic makeup and health factors, but I preferred 23andMe’s presentation, especially when it came to the ancestry aspects of the report. 23andMe, for example, has a cool family tree that shows known relatives in the appropriate places in your tree, which is a great visual tool for understanding your family’s structure and organization.

But speaking of Ancestry, its tests are generally a little cheaper, and Ancestry is having its own sale. You can get the AncestryDNA test for $59, down from a regular price of $99. This deal ends on Sunday, May 9, so if you’re interested, time is running low to get it at a discount.

As I mentioned, I’ve taken both of these tests and they offer similar depth of features, data about your genetic makeup, and convenience via mobile apps. If you’re curious about your family history, genetic health predispositions and inherited conditions, you won’t find better deals, so I suggest you grab one of these now. You might even discover we’re related. Stranger things have happened.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind the following.Concerns over data privacy and security are well-founded, and experts warn that regulation —especially in the US— lags far behind the technology. And you should know that some DNA testing companiesmay share data with pharmaceutical companiesandlaw enforcement agencies. Bottom line:Think critically before volunteering information about your health history and familial connections to any DNA testing company or organization.

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First published last year. Updated with the latest deal.

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