ERGO Posture Pro powerful posture support fixes your posture while you sit at your desk

Maintaining good posture isnt always easy. But the ERGO Posture Pro elastic resistance posture support can help you no matter where you go. Whether youre sitting at your desk or wearing your favorite backpack, this powerful posture support lifts and holds your body in correct spinal alignment. In doing so, it instantly relieves excess strain on your neck, back, and shoulders. So you can say goodbye to distracting back pain. This wearable gadget also helps you improve your gait, balance, and equilibrium. It can even help you become more flexible, stronger, and confident. And you can develop more energy and core power in just an hour a day. This powerful posture support easily attaches to your backpack, lifting and holding the backpack in the optimal position, level with the top of your shoulders. This balances the weight on your body and lightens the load on your back by about 50%!

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