Shape.Care Gym Gloves innovative fitness tracker monitors reps, HR, & more in real time

Improve the time you spend exercising by getting better analytics from the Shape.Care Gym Gloves innovative fitness tracker. Offering real-time tracking, these gloves can monitor your reps, exercise technique, load distribution, balance, capacity, saturation, heart rate, and progress. So youll get a full picture of how well youre doing. The comprehensive Shape.Care system supports personal training, and it includes both the advanced sensor gloves as well as an extensive mobile application. Equipped with hi-tech sensors, these innovative fitness tracker gloves track all movements during training. And they send the gathered data to the app. There, you can find training plans created by professional trainers. More importantly, youll see almost every training parameter analyzed and interpreted in the form of results and progress rates. Finally, the app also provides tips and technique corrections on the fly during your training.

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