The best entry-level soundbars you can buy for your TV in 2021

Have you bought a new TV recently? We’re willing to bet that, if you haven’t already, you’re looking for ways to improve its sound. Because while your new TV might look great, its audio probably leaves something to be desired. And a good soundbar can help. So check out today’s roundup of the best entry-level soundbars you can buy.

If youve upgraded your home theater in the last year, you might find that while those vibrant images with auto-adjust brightness look impressive, the setup still lacks somethinggood audio. Because, lets face it, the typical TV manufacturer focuses more on the display than the sound. Luckily, soundbars offer an easy solution. These sleek speakers give your TV the cinematic sound quality it should have. And our list of the best entry-level soundbars you can buy for your TV in 2021 has some pretty affordable options.

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You dont want to pair your beautiful new screen with sub-par sound. For clear dialogue and hear-thumping bass, check out these soundbars. From devices that work seamlessly with your Roku TV to others that have Alexa built-in, these are home theater gadgets are worth buying.

1. A TV soundbar brings out the bass in live concerts and the dialogue in your favorite dramas. Because those are the details you want to hear.

Bose Solo 5 under a TV

First up on our list of the best entry-level soundbars you can buy in 2021 is the Bose Solo 5 TV soundbar. This bass-enhancing soundbar makes you feel like youre in the middle of the action. And with its multiple audio programs, you can tailor your content to what youre watching.

Get it certified refurbished on eBay for $134.95.

2. A slim, wireless soundbar gives you cinematic sound no matter what youre listing to or watching.

Panasonic SC-HTB490 Slim Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer
Panasonic SC-HTB490 in a living area

The Panasonic SC-HTB490 Slim Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer help you create a cinematic experience at home. It has 2 full-range, forward-facing speaker units along with 160W of power output. You wont be disappointed by wimpy sound ever again with this one.

Get it for $487.71 on the official website.

3. A 2.0 channel soundbar pairs seamlessly with your Roku TV. Because who wants to waste time connecting their soundbar to their TV?

TCL Alto 6 2.0 in a video

If youre looking for a soundbar for your Roku TV, the TCL Alto 6 2.0 channel soundbar is a great choice. It comes at an affordable price and connects easily to your Roku TV, which is why it made our list of the best entry-level soundbars you can buy in 2021. And with Dolby Audio decoding, youll hear every detail.

Get it for $69.99 from the official website.

4. A decoding soundbar creates a powerful surround-sound theater right in your living room. Its just what your movie nights have been missing.

Denon DHT-S416 soundbar
Denon DHT-S416 on a wall

Complete your home theater with the Denon DHT-S416 soundbar. This gadget is one of the best entry-level soundbars you can buy in 2021 because its wireless subwoofer has Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding. And with Google Chromecast, you can stream high-resolution sound from music platforms like YouTube Music, Spotify, and Google Play music.

Get it for $417.83 on the official website.

5. A MultiBeam soundbar indulges you in a 3D sound experience right in your own home. Prepare to be impressed by the multi-level sound.

JBL Bar 5.0 MultiBeam soundbar
JBL Bar 5.0 MultiBeam in black

With the JBL Bar 5.0 MultiBeam soundbar, your TVs audio will seem to come from all directions. Thats thanks to the combined Virtual Dolby Atmos and JBL beamforming technology. With four passive radiators, youll get deep bass for all your movies and shows. Stream wirelessly from it with Apple AirPlay 2, Alexa devices, and Chromecast.

Get it for $349.95 on the official website.

6. A smart soundbar fills your room with spacious sound. Its ideal for movies, music, and gamesso pretty much all of your entertainment.

Improve your audio with the Bose Smart Soundbar 300 sleek speaker. It boasts incredible acoustics for dialogue, music, movies, and games. Combined with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, its also super simple to use. And with service options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, and Spotify Connect, you can play all of your favorites.

Get it certified refurbished from eBay for $359.

7. A Bluetooth soundbar provides 4K HDR streaming for your TV. Because you shouldnt miss any details when youre relaxing with your entertainment.

Roku Streambar in a video

Enhance your TVs audio once and for all with the Roku Streambar Bluetooth soundbar. The 4K HDR streaming lets you get every detail, and the clear audio makes dialogue easier to hear. Best of all, you can control this soundbar with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices. Finally, it even automatically lowers loud commercials.

Get it for $129.99 on the official website.

8. A home soundbar streams music wirelessly and has four sound modes, including one for games. Its a great choice for the whole family.

Your audio sounds better with the Yamaha SR-C20A home soundbar. It has four sound modes to choose from depending on the music youre listening to, and ones for TV and playing games. So its a soundbar the whole family can enjoy. Soundwise, you get excellent bass from the built-in subwoofer.

Get it for $149.95 on the official website.

9. A Roku TV soundbar gives you specialized sound modes. Because you dont play just one kind of content.

The best entry-level soundbars you can buy for your TV in 2021 TCL Alto 6 2.1 Roku TV soundbar
TCL Alto 6+ 2.1 in black

Check out the TCL Alto 6+ 2.1 Roku TV soundbar if you want a versitile soundbar for your TV. It features sound modes that tailor your audio depending on your content. The subwoofer gives you rich bass, and both devices Dolby Audio lets virtual sound fill the room. Its an impressive option on our list of best entry-level soundbars you can buy in 2021.

Get it for $129.99 on the official website.

10. A soundbar with Alexa makes great audio easy to control. And it even helps manage your smart home since it connects to those devices.

The Polk Audio React home theater soundbar is a great choice for a busy household. With Alexa built-in, it lets you stream music, control your smart home, and more. It has virtual surround sound and works with pretty much any kind of TV. It also works with Dolby and DTS.

Get it for $199 on the official website.

Are you ready for better sound for your new home theater? With any of these entry-level soundbars, were sure your home entertainment will be more immersive than ever.

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