Beast B10 Health Blender has a 12-rib design for ultra-smooth blends

If youre enjoying a smoothie or homemade protein shake, you want the consistency to be smooth. And thats exactly what the Beast B10 Health Blender offers. Made with a 12-rib design, it creates intense internal turbulence to leave you with smooth blends for cold liquids. It has a thermal safety sensor that actually prohibits the blending of hot liquids. Plus, its 1000-watt motor is ready for maximum performance whenever you need refueling to reduce the waiting time. In addition, the B10 Health Blender monitors blade speed and makes in-the-moment adjustments to maintain consistent speed and torque. It even comes with two settings: pulse and blend, along with a minute-long blending cycle, so you can create drinks to your liking. Its made to last with ultra-durable thick walls that provide a leak-resistant seal.

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