Signia Active Pro AI hearing aids boast sound sensors for automatic situation detection

Say goodbye to poor listening with the Signia Active Pro AI hearing aids. Designed with sound sensors, they automatically detect noise, so you remain present at all times. Once they pick up sound, they boast high-definition prescription audio, which is great for hearing conversations in a nosy coffee shop, for example. In fact, theyll even cut through any noise in a busy environment to hear voices clearly from any direction. Best of all, this wearable tech uses AI technology to optimize sound in real-life situations. Therefore, youll never miss an important announcement or conversation again. Additionally, these AI hearing aids use Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your phone, TV, and other devices for listening to music, videos, and even answering calls. Finally, the Signia Active Pro features a 26-hour battery life on a single charge for all-day wear.

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