This powerful posture corrector helps you sit straight and tall at your work desk

Tired of hunching over your desk all day and slouching while you walk? You can stop doing those things with the ERGO Posture Pro. This powerful posture support corrects your posture while you sit at your desk and wear a backpack. Keep reading this blog post to find out how this gadget can help you stand taller.

Stop leaning over your desk once and for all when you have the ERGO Posture Pro elastic resistance posture support. This powerful posture corrector keeps your spine correctly aligned as you sit or wear a backpack, relieving excess strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. Youll never be more comfortable while doing your work.

You know slouching isnt a great habithow can you forget with your mothers daily reminders? The truth is, youd like to sit taller and more confidently, but improving your posture is easier said than done. Or is it? The ERGO Posture Pro features a pivot-point design that triggers a spinal right reflex, which keeps your whole spine in the right position. Wear it on its own or attached to any backpack; this posture corrector removes up to 70 lbs of pressure from your back. Thats a relief!

How does this posture-improving support work?

If you suffer from poor posture, this question is probably at the forefront of your mind. We mentioned above that the ERGO Posture Pro features a pivot-point design that lifts your body into proper alignment. Its based on a patented mid-back support cushion design. According to the projects Kickstarter page, it supports the mid-back vertebrae and eases them back into the correct position. This rebalances your head and the top of your shoulders. Meanwhile, the chest expansion points widen and hold the chest open, and the shoulder abductor points push the shoulders down and back in a relaxed position. So this is a wearable device that will keep your posture looking natural.

ERGO Posture Pro in a video

How does elastic resistance training work?

According to the companys Kickstarter page, elastic resistance training (ERT) is one of the fastest and safest ways to strengthen muscles, rehabilitate weak ones, and protect from further decline. Whats more, it also improves movement, balance, flexibility, and more. The resistance tubes in this product work to keep your body in proper alignment, just like the resistance bands in some of your favorite workout gadgets.

Is this back support easy to use?

You bet it is. With this posture corrector, you wont have to worry about complicated and time-consuming instructions. This health and fitness gadget is easy to use since it takes just seconds to put on. Just pull it over your arms and shoulders to wear it like a backpack. Pull the straps in the back to adjust the size, and thats it. Youll immediate get the benefits of improved posture.

Which backpacks work with this posture support?

Backpacks can be a literal pain to carry. Have you ever noticed a searing pain right under your shoulder blades when you wear yours? With the ERGO Posture Pro, that doesnt have to happen anymore. The company says that its product works with any style or brand of 20-30 liter backpack. And when you wear it that way, this posture corrector holds the backpack in the ideal position, level with your shoulders. This balances the weight on your body and reduces the load weight up to 50% or more. So you can wear your backpack as much as you like, without any pain.

Who can wear the ERGO Posture Pro?

Absolutely anyone can wear this posture corrector. It produces powerful results no matter your body type. The company says that youll see and feel an instant shift in your posture and that one or more hours of wear of day gives you transformative results. It fits ages 13+ in sizes XXSXL. So no matter your size, you can stop hunching and greet the world with an energetic gait.

Can you stretch while wearing this gadget?

When life gets stressful, you can stretch it all away with the ERGO Posture Pro. The campaigns Kickstarter page writes that regular stretching improves your flexibility, relieves stress, and calms your mind. Its just what you need during a workday when deadlines start to pile up. And in fact, this posture corrector is designed to let you perform four stretches: a spine stretch, shoulder stretch, neck stretch, and a stretch while youre on the go, wearing your backpack.

What conditions can the ERGO Posture Pro correct?

There are so many. From heartburn to lower back strain and leg cramps to a stiff neck, the ERGO Posture Pro offers targeted programs to relieve pain and strain. Positions like chest stretches, head rolls, and shoulder rolls help you get the most out of wearing this product. Bodily strain simply wont be an issue for you with the help of this back support. So you just might be able to spend all Saturday afternoon on your feet cooking that barbecue you want to host.

How do you care for this wearable posture support?

Before you buy any wearable gadget, its a good idea to consider how youll care for it. If its dry-clean only, you may want to consider another product. Luckily, this posture corrector is water-resistant and washable. This means it can handle splashes of water and raindrops. And if you happen to get it dirty, you can wash it yourself.

The ERGO Posture Pro elastic resistance posture support is one practical gadget. It uses a patented system to keep your back in perfect alignment. It also helps to strengthen weak muscles and repair damaged ones. Mom will be proud of your confident stance, and youll be glad not to have neck and shoulder pain while you sit. This gadget also helps you wear a backpack more comfortably and guides you through tension-relieving stretches. Its great for busy professionals and anyone whod like to stand a little taller.

The ERGO Posture Pro elastic resistance posture support typically costs $179. You can preorder it on Kickstarter for $99. What are your favorite ways to reduce back pain? Let us know about them in the comments.

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