Block out the date: Minecraft graduation ceremony will show off UW group’s detailed Seattle build

A college diploma is considered one of the building blocks for a successful future. If the diploma itself is made out of building blocks, well, congratulations on majoring in meta.

UDub Minecraft, a group comprised of current and former University of Washington students who are passionate about Microsofts popular video game, is inviting people to attend the schools commencement ceremony via the blocky world of Minecraft on June 12.

Now an official club at UW, UDub Minecraft was started last March in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to build out a highly detailed, virtual version of the Seattle campus and surrounding areas such as The Ave, University Village and the nearby light rail station.

Mura Sana, a Seattle native studying computer science, is graduating in June. Shes currently the leader of the group and told GeekWire on Tuesday that more than 300 builders and decorators have helped create the UW campus.

Current and graduated students visit the server and are immediately engulfed in nostalgia of being on campus, Sana said. Prospective students can explore the campus without having to physically be there, and it can help with their decision on whether to attend.

UDub Minecraft holds build parties every week where a specific part of campus or its surroundings are worked on. Notable areas to check out are Red Square, The Quad (and cherry blossoms) and Drumheller Fountain. A video from last fall, below, offers a detailed tour of the Minecraft campus.

Since its creation, the group has expanded to participate in official university events and gained partnerships with specific majors, such as the Foster School of Business.

The UWs 146th annual Commencement Ceremony will be a digital one on June 12, and the interactive event is designed to showcase students using technology. There will be a virtual theater and virtual seats and a Purple Carpet pre show.

Nothing can quite compare to the in-person experience and being in Husky Stadium, but we strive to make commencement as close to the real thing as possible, Sana said of the Minecraft event. We have built out Husky Stadium with extreme attention to detail to ensure that it feels like its in person.

And at least those graduation caps are nice and square.

Registration is open now for UDub Minecraft Commencement. The event is free and you dont need a Minecraft account.

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