NextErgo AI smart standing desk has guided ergonomics and health & wellness benefits

Sitting for prolonged periods can have adverse effects on your health. In fact, a sedentary lifestyle may cause diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, and obesity. NextErgo is an AI-powered smart standing desk with ergonomic posture-perfecting technology. It guides you through setting up your perfect sitting and standing postures with simple instructions. The system features presence detection sensors for accurate tracking of standing and sitting times. The system calculates your BMI and suggests daily standing goals. The desk features an eight-inch HD touchscreen for easy control. Finally, the built-in Google Assistant lets you adjust the smart standing desk, check the news and weather, and more with voice commands. The standing desk uses AI to offer reminders to take a deep breath, drink water, have healthy snacks, or move certain parts of your body, including your back, eyes, hands, neck, and shoulders. It even provides yoga recommendations with step-by-step instructions.

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