The Nintendo Switch is finally getting a $10 calculator app

Were in a relatively quiet period for Switch releases while we wait for Skyward Swords remaster to release in July. Thankfully, today marks the arrival of a new $10 calculator app on Nintendos console, which should stop your machine from gathering too much dust over the coming months. Hell yeah. Math.

The app, which was spotted by Eurogamer, is literally just called Calculator and is being published by Sabec. Its single-player, which unfortunately rules out any team-based calculating, and it works in TV and handheld modes, according to its product page. Wed be remiss if we didnt point out that the app bears a striking resemblance to the iPhones old calculator app, but being charitable, its possible that the app is only guilty of drawing inspiration from Dieter Rams classic design.

Image: Sabec / Nintendo

Unlike Sonys and Microsofts consoles, and even Nintendos previous machines, the Switch doesnt have much in the way of non-gaming apps. It doesnt have Netflix, Spotify, or those other pieces of software that weve come to expect will appear on basically any piece of electronics with a screen. But now, finally, it has a calculator app. Thank god.

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