Stoggles everyday goggles filter blue light to reduce strain & feature an anti-fog coating

Protect your eye health all day long with the Stoggles everyday goggles. These practical spectacles boast blue-light filtering lenses designed to reduce eye strain and improve sleep. Its the feature you need if you clock hours in front of a screen during the day. And are you tired of your lenses fogging up when you wear a mask? The Stoggles everyday goggles actually have an anti-fog coating to prevent that. These everyday glasses are also ANSI Z87.1 certified and have both top and side shields. You also wont have to worry about the sun with the Stoggles since they have 100% UV-free lenses. Furthermore, you can even integrate your prescription lenses into these affordable, Rx-friendly frames. Even more impressive, these glasses can serve as PPE, providing health care workers with the gear they need. If youre looking for a way to improve your eye health, this EDC gadget is it.

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