These cool yoga gadgets will help you completely relax your mind, body, and soul

There are so many physical and psychological benefits of yoga, including improved flexibility, mobility, and strength. Short-term, intense yoga sessions can also correct your posture, helping you to walk taller. And another undeniably valuable reason to start practicing yoga is that regular sessions support heart health. Now you’ve discovered just a handful of benefits, it’s time to accessorize your home with must-have yoga gadgets.

The great thing about yoga is anyone can do it and you can work to your own abilities. Plus, you dont need an abundance of equipment for your sessions, like you would with indoor workouts where they may require work dumbbells, an exercise bike, fitness watch, and more. Yoga is much kinder on your jointsand your wallet.

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To help you relax into childs pose and unwind after a long hard day, weve chosen some cool yoga gadgets that youll love. This is great if you dont have the time to attend a professional yoga sessions but still want to set aside time for self-care. These non-intimidating accessories are just what you need to create a blissful haven in your home. All you need is a relaxing YouTube playlist of beach waves, and youre ready to begin your newfound health journey.

1. Stay hydrated for online classes with the Ujjaya Balance Bottle. Its stainless-steel interior keeps water cooler for longer.

The Ujjaya Yoga Balance Bottle is a convenient size for throwing in your bag while boasting a block shape thats ergonomic to hold while you take a sip. This design also makes it less likely to spill should you accidentally knock it over. Moreover, you can remove the stainless-steel bottle for easy cleaning when youve finished.

Order yours for $34.99.

2. Destress and set the perfect ambience for yoga with the Xiaomi Yeelight Candela. It mimics the natural warmth of a real candle.

When performing yoga, the mood sets the tone for your session. Thats why the Xiaomi Yeelight Candela is one of the yoga gadgets for creating a relaxing setting for your self-care time. Additionally, it features a 2,100 mAh battery and an eight-hour battery life on a single charge to use outside of yoga, too.

Purchase yours for $54.99.

3. Another great way to relax your mind and set a peaceful atmosphere is with the BEL 3rd Ritual. It uses fire, gravity, and sound to measure time.

If youre used to a demanding smartwatch to monitor your time when exercising, the BEL 3rd Ritual analog meditation candle is a more peaceful way to track your sessions. Uniquely, it uses fire, gravity, and sound to measure time. Once the candle is lit and the wax melts, a pin will fall onto a resonant ding to signify that its the end of your session.

Purchase yours for $175 from the official website.

4. Achieve relaxation with the Zero Gravity Zen Bean Bag. It raises your body to 130 to elevate your legs above your heart.

Zero Gravity Zen Bean Bag

Inspired by NASA, the Zero Gravity Zen Bean Bag provides an escape after a long day or enhances your warm-down during a yoga session. By elevating your legs above your heart, it helps to improve blood flow. Plus, this position increases your lung capacity and decreases muscle tensiontwo perfect components of peaceful yoga practice.

Purchase yours for a reduced price of $249.99.

5. The Muse S brain-sensing headband teaches you the art of focus and lets you discover how your position plays a role in relaxation.

Aid your yoga sessions with the Muse S brain-sensing headband. Its comfortable to wear and uses real-time brainwave feedback to monitor your focus levels. Moreover, it features advanced EEG technology to help you understand how your heart and breathing rates affect your relaxation, posture, and more.

Get hold of yours for $349.99.

6. The Vita Antibacterial Gym Towel neutralizes germs and fights cold-causing bacteria. It also remains completely dry underneath.

Yoga sessions can get sweaty, and its good to know that the Vita Antibacterial Gym Towel will absorb any moisture while fighting against bacteria. Furthermore, this eco-friendly yoga towel is lightweight and portable, enabling you to practice yoga in all locations.

Pre-order your Yoga towel from Kickstarter for $35.

7. Practice yoga on your mat with sessions displayed on the Peloton Bike+ home exercise bicycle. Its great for beginners.

Peloton Bike+ home exercise bicycle

New to yoga and looking for some exercise guidance? The Peloton Bike+ home exercise bicycle isnt just great for cardio sessions; it provides yoga classes for beginners to advanced users. Equipped with a 23.8-inch HD rotating touchscreen that also rotates 180 degrees, you can clearly see your instructor guiding you through the movements.

Get yours for $2,495.

8. Get comfortable while you relax with the super-soft Walden meditation pillows. Designed with gel-infused memory foam, they cushion your body.

A big part of yoga is feeling more relaxed, and you cant do that if you feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, the Walden meditation pillows include a heavyweight fill and premium materials that adapt to fit your body. So you can perform your stretches and easily transition with a comfortable base. Additionally, the moisture-resistant antimicrobial shell is easy to clean.

Purchase yours for $145.

9. Experience pain relief while performing yoga poses with the LAYZZZY relaxing eco mat. It helps with stress reduction and muscle tension.

The LAYZZZY relaxing eco mat provides a plethora of benefits, including improved blood circulation, restful sleep, relief from back pain, and more. Use this mat in-between yoga sessions or while youre performing yoga moves, such as downward dog, childs pose, and more. Its also scent-free and wont collect moisture, making it one of the best yoga gadgets to use when you get sweaty.

Pre-order yours from Kickstarter for $55.

10. Soothe aches and pains with the Hyperice Vyper 2.0 vibrating foam roller. It includes 3 powerful speed vibrations and eco-friendly polypropylene foam.

Hyperice Vyper 2.0 vibrating foam roller

Choose between low, medium, and high settings with the Hyperice Vyper 2.0 vibrating foam roller. This yoga accessory enhances your wellbeing by making you feel relaxed and stress-free. Use it before or during your yoga sessions to ease muscle tension. Its also great to use after a long day.

Order yours today for $199.

For an effective yoga session, you need the right accessories to help you feel tension-free. These yoga gadgets will help you unwind and deepen your stretches while providing insightful information about your current wellbeing. Which of these yoga gadgets stand out to you? Let us know your favorites in the comments.

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