Cowboy 4 ST city eBike has a single-speed motor that offers intuitive assistance

Ride with ease using the Cowboy 4 ST city eBike. This urban electric bike runs on a single-speed motor so you dont have to change gears. In fact, it has intuitive assistance technology that kicks in when it knows you need it. Designed with a removable battery, its easy to remove and recharge. Then just snap it into place when youre ready to go. Attach your phone to the handlebars so your navigation and notifications are safely where you need them, letting you focus on the road. Moreover, this city eBike actually powers up your smartphone while you ride. The app provides you with maps and ride statistics from the embedded sensors, which can even detect a fall! Beyond these features, the Cowboy 4 ST has theft detection that lets you know if someone attempts to take your bike. Finally, the wider tires have a puncture-resistant layer for added durability.

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