IOON reusable sanitizer device uses tap water to eliminate bacteria from surfaces

Staying safe can be expensive, and those plastic sanitizer bottles arent good for the environment, either. The IOON reusable sanitizer device is a solution to plastic waste and saving you money as it turns tap water into a sanitizer. And it gets to work within a second. Its smart silver-based technology uses silver particles to eliminate bacteria. So you can spritz surfaces and your hands to keep areas free from viruseswithout having to purchase another bottle. In fact, you can use it at work, home, or at the supermarket. Spray gadgets, toys, hands, and public areas to keep you and your family safe. Moreover, this reusable sanitizer device fights against any type of microbes. In fact, it can kill 99.98% of E.coli and other harmful bacteria. IOON doesnt encourage water waste, as it only requires 3 liters of water a year.

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