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Lenovo has launched a new range of Lenovo Go products this month including a new Clear audio headset, wireless mouse and wireless charging pad, Lenovo Go, is a new sub-brand uniting a range of purpose-built PC accessories. The new range of accessories has been specifically designed to enhance your experience when using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other VoIP tools. ” Giving you the ability to govern meetings with your colleagues effortlessly. Bluetooth headsets and speakers with noise cancelling microphones provide crystal-clear audio so that your guidance and leadership shines through to your colleagues as if you were standing next to them” says Lenovo.

The new Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank (20,000 mAh) and Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse will soon be available to purchase during June 2021 and will be priced at $90 and $60 respectively. Mice and keyboards in the Lenovo Go family will feature a number of innovations to suit dynamic work environments, allowing users to quickly shift between working modes and locations. Light and compact forms with ergonomic designs, wireless connection and charging capabilities are essential for a productive workspace.

“You’re untethered from the confines of your companys four walls, but that doesn’t mean your mobile workspace has to be a mess of clunky accessories. Lenovo Go devices are compact and made for easy use, storage, and travel, so can be at your best wherever you decide to work.”

“The days of being in the office from 9-to-5 are in the past. With remote work becoming more common, your office” options are endless, so you should have dependable and portable work tools that match this new flexibility. Lenovo Go accessories help bridge the gap between the fluid lifestyle of remote work and top-notch productivity.”

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