Alpha Pillow 2 carbon-infused memory foam pillow has pure silver tech to self-clean

Get a much better nights sleep with the Alpha Pillow 2 carbon-infused memory foam pillow. Using certified and independently lab-tested pure silver fibers, this innovative pillow can actually keep itself clean and defend against germs. Moreover, it boasts aqua gel technology, which means that it provides an instant cool without contributing to your night sweats. Not only that, but the Alpha Pillow 2 also consists of ultrasoft honeycomb-weave bamboo fabric with activated carbon that absorbs toxins, prevents mold growth, and purifies the air.Additionally, its air cell breathability increases your comfort and reduces sweating and snoring. Designed to conform to the shape of your head and neck, this carbon-infused memory foam pillow supports sensitive pressure areas. Overall, this helps you relax, improves insomnia, and fights 99.9% of germs. Ensure you always get a high-quality night of sleep to keep your overall health and well-being in check.

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