KINTO BOTTLIT Canister food and drink container boasts heat-resistant clear glass

Store dried fruits, coffee beans, granola, and more in the KINTO BOTTLIT Canister food and drink container. This beautiful canister features heat-resistant glass and a lovely bottle shape. In fact, its this shape that allows your contents to tip out of the bottle easily. Meanwhile, the clear glass displays the color of your ingredients, and this adds an accent hue to your table or pantry. Whats more, the cork lid adds a natural vibe to any room in your house. Moreover, these kitchen accessories are available in 3 sizes: 5 oz., 10, oz., and 20 oz. That way, youll have just the right capacity depending on what you want to store inside. Your breakfast spreads and spice cabinets are about to become much more stylish and functional with these gorgeous canisters.

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