Microsoft announces The Outer Worlds 2 at its E3 2021 showcase

Microsoft announced The Outer Worlds 2, a sequel to Obsidians 2019 role-playing shooter, at its E3 2021 showcase on Sunday. The trailer provided very few details about the upcoming game and in fact, poked fun at similar early announcements by openly addressing just how devoid of real details the trailer was.

Now, we see our hero, but only their silhouette, because the developers havent finished the design, an ominous voice says in the ridiculously over-the-top trailer. Or finished the story. Or finished any gameplay thats actually ready to show. In fact, the only thing they have finished… is the title.

A post on Xbox Wire does reveal just a bit of information about the game, though. Taking place in a new star system with a new crew, we are excited to bring everyone back to The Outer Worlds franchise, Obsidian studio head Feargus Urquhart said in the post.

Urquhart mentioned Avowed, its upcoming fantasy RPG announced at last Julys Xbox showcase, but only to say that theres no update to share right now. For those who are wondering about Avowed, the team is hard at work making something were sure fans of our games and the Pillars of Eternity universe are going to love, Urquhart said. While we are not showing anything right now, we are looking forward to showing off what we have been working on soon.

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