LEGO Typewriter nostalgic building set boasts a detailed design to decorate your home office

Decorate your home office with a classic writing gadget when you build the LEGO Typewriter nostalgic set. This realistic model of an old-fashioned typewriter boasts incredible details. In fact, it actually moves and sounds like a real typewriter. The center typebar rises each time you press a letter key and links to the carriage that moves as you type. You can also feed real paper into the platen roller. Whats more, this nostalgic set is a replica of the typewriter used by the LEGO Groups founder, Ole Kirk Kristiansen. Also, the 1950s mint green color and keys with printed characters add an authentic mid-century touch. Finally, this set for adults features 2,079 pieces, so its an ideal way to spend an afternoon of creation on your own. In the end, youll have a real conversation piece to add to your work-from-home setup.

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