Dome Audio D4 Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones offer surround sound technology

Enjoy listening to music in a whole new way with the Dome Audio D4 Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones. While some headphones stick with the status quo, these ones sure dont. Their triple-patented design offers surround sound audio, Bluetooth connectivity, and bone conduction technology. Furthermore, youll love that you can interchange the noise-isolating dome covers. This gives you pretty much limitless fashion options. Additionally, the dome covers block out ambient noise when you want them to. Providing both open- and closed-ear listening options, these bone conduction headphones improve your situational awareness and safety when youre out and about. Finally, crafted with four speakers, the Dome Audio D4 Headphones let you hear your audio in full fidelity while also being aware of important ambient sounds.

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