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‘Seinfeld’ might not be available to stream for months | Engadget

It’s bad enough when a favorite TV show jumps to another service, but Seinfeld fans might have to forego the

Boba Fett Solo Series Has Wrapped Filming and Debuts in December 2021

Temuera Morrison in The MandalorianImage: Disney+ Temuera Morrison (Aquaman) is cast in the role of Boba Fett and had a

‘Atomically thin’ transistors could help make electronic skins a reality | Engadget

Electronic skin will only truly become practical if it’s thin enough to be virtually unnoticeable, and scientists might have just

Facial recognition systems are denying unemployment benefits across the US | Engadget

A recent string of problems suggests facial recognition’s reliability issues are hurting people in a moment of need. Motherboard reports